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First Period

First Periods

What is a Period and Menstrual Cycle?
I'm 15 and All My Friends Have Their Period
Did My 8 Year Old Girl Get Her Period?
Does Every Girl Get a Period?
Can Your Period Last Only One Day?
When Will I Get My First Period?
Being ready for my first period
I don't have my period
Will I be ready?
How to know when your period is coming


What is A Period and When Will My Periods Start?

Once puberty has started, your first period is not far behind. It’s going to be okay—it’s just one part of your monthly cycle. However, periods get most of the attention because it’s the time when you bleed. As you grow up, try to get as much information about periods as you can. The best way is to talk to your mother or older sister. Ask questions without hesitating, it’s completely normal and natural. The more you know about what periods are the better prepared you will be to deal with them effortlessly.


Your cycle starts each month when your womb creates a fresh layer of blood-rich membrane. This is your body preparing to accommodate the egg just in case it gets fertilized.


The next stage is ovulation, when an egg is released from one of your ovaries and travels to your womb.


If the egg meets a sperm cell on its way to your womb and fertilization takes place, you can become pregnant. If this fertilization process doesn’t take place, your body will remove the unused blood-rich membrane lining your womb. This bleeding is your period. Yes, it’s that straightforward.


Your period cycle can normally last from 3 to 7 days. Don’t be scared though. You’ll lose less than 35-50mL of blood. To simplify it, 7-10 teaspoons! That doesn’t sound all that scary, does it?

All these stages form a repetitive period cycle every month unless you get pregnant or until you begin menopause. Menopause phase normally occurs in women’s period cycle after they reach their forties and can vary from person to person. It marks the end of their reproductive cycle.

So, now we have more knowledge about what periods are, don’t we? Thus, we are better prepared for anything that they may throw at us! Stop worrying about periods, they are just a part of life, and pretty easy to cope with once you get a hang of your own body’s ways! Apart from this, CAREFREE® is always here to share the load with you, so that you never have to hold yourself back!

All My Friends Have Their Periods

Question: Hi, im 15 now and still haven't gotten my period! All my friends have there period and I haven't. I have spoken to my mum about it and she has said not to worry and i will get it eventually. However, i just want to know if this is normal. I have had discharge for at least a year and some days it even feels like I'm getting my period (probably just my paranoia) but its just discharge. Help!!

Dr. Farah Kroman:Even though 12 is the average age for your periods to start, the normal range is between 11 and 16 years old. The age you start depends a lot on your genetics and also your body mass index. Ask you mum when she started her periods. Are you quite slim or do you play a lot of sport? In any case, you shouldn’t worry until you are at least 16. In fact, enjoy your period free time! If you are very worried, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to see your family doctor just for a general check up and to ask any more questions you might have. As hard as it is to not compare yourself to other girls your age, remember that every girl develops in her own time.

Did My 8 Year Old Girl Get Her Period?

Question: My eight year old daughter had some blood in her knickers last night, there's no sign she's scratched and cut her vagina. It wasn't much blood but she also had a sore tummy. Could it be her period at such a young age? She's an active girl, and weighs about 33kg and shows no signs of going through puberty.. I haven't spoken to her about masturbation, could that bring on any blood? I got my period at age 14, does that have any thing to do with when a daughter of mine will get her period or is it true that diet etc these days affects the age of puberty? Thanks from a worried mum!

Dr. Farah Kroman: The average age when girls start there period is between 11 and 13 but it can start a little earlier. 8 would be quite young and as you say, there are usually other signs of puberty well before the period starts. This is actually something that's worth getting checked with your GP so that your little one can be examined, particularly if it happens again. Good Luck!

Does Every Girl Get a Period?

Question: Does every girl get their period?

Dr. Farah Kroman: Yes, every female should get her period. Getting your period is a natural part of the transition into womanhood. The period is a sign that the womb is ready to have an egg implanted (pregnancy). When that doesn't happen each month the lining of the womb breaks down and flows out your vagina - the period. Then the lining builds up again, creating the cyclical periods. Periods usually start between ages 11-16. The starting age is affected by genes and bodyweight. Girls with lower bodyweight generally start their periods later.

Can Your First Period Last Only One Day?

Question: Hello. I got my first period about 2 weeks ago. It was definitely a period but it only lasted that one day. It didn't happen again. I’m really confused?!

Dr. Farah Kroman:Congratulations and welcome to womanhood! Periods can start really lightly or briefly and are often irregular for the first year or so. Don't worry and mark your calendar to start tracking your cycles.

When Will I Get My First Period?

Question: I'm almost 13 and I haven't got my period yet and all my friends a the same weight and height as me and they got there's when they were 9 is that normal?

Dr. Farah Kroman: The date of your initial period can’t be known however there seems to be some genetic link so ask your mum when she got her period as you might get yours around the same time. Usually girls get their first period at around 12-13 years old but the age range can vary from 11-16 years. If you have started developing in other ways (e.g. breasts or pubic hair) then your period will usually start within 12 months of this happening.

Question: I have just graduated from grade 7 and I don't have my period yet. I am on Christmas holidays now but what if next year when i'm in grade 8 I get it and I am in school that day, someone might see if it leaks. Any advice.

Dr. Farah Kroman: The average age for periods to start is 12 to 13 but anywhere from 11 to 16 years is normal. Periods are often irregular for the first year or so. Be prepared - make sure you have a pad or tampon with you in your school bag in case your period starts at school. You can also start wearing a breathable liner in your underwear, just in case.

Question: I'm 14 and I don't have my period- all my friends do And I also don't "have boobs" they are tiny don't even fit into a padded bra Is the something wrong with me? Should I eat something different? Please help!

Dr. Farah Kroman: Even though 12 is the average age for your periods to start, the normal range is between 11 and 16 years old. The age you start depends a lot on your genetics and also your body mass index. When did your mum start her periods? Are you quite slim or do you play a lot of sport? In any case, you shouldn’t worry until you are at least 16. In fact, enjoy your period free time!

Question: I'm scared about having my period and what is discard and the pill? I've taled to my mum she got her period late at about 16 but my sister and auntie both got theirs around 11 im 11 should I get my period soon and if so how will I be ready at school? have pads/tampons in my bag or where they should be and yes I know I don't wear both tampons and pads together but im not sure which one ill use.

Dr. Farah Kroman: Going from a girl to a woman is quite a scary progress and it is actually normal to be scared. The good news is, we all survive it and you will too. Discharge is the clear or white gooey stuff that you may find in your underwear or when you wipe. It is there to keep you healthy and is completely normal. You can wear a breathable liner to keep you and your underwear fresh. Many girls notice that they start getting discharge before they get their period. It is normal to get your period between 11 and 16 years old so yours can come at any time. I'm glad you are well prepared with pads and tampons. If you haven't practiced with a tampon yet, and you get your periods at school, start with a pad. If you feel comfortable using tampons then go for it. Both are fine.

Question: How do you know if your period is coming if you haven't had it yet?

Dr. Farah Kroman: Periods are pretty hard to predict at first. Some people experience PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms in the days leading up to a period so they have a little warning. These symptoms can include abdominal cramping, bloating, sore breasts, mood swings and acne. When your periods do start they may be irregular for a year or so - this is normal. Eventually they usually settle into a predictable rhythm of every 28 days or so. Keep some pads or tampons on you in your school bag or purse in case they start unexpectedly.