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How Long Will My Period Last

How Long Does A Period Last For?

Is An 8 Day Period Normal?
How often should I expect my period?
Irregular Periods
Irregular periods on the pill?
Long Period While On The Pill

When periods enter your life for the first time, it’s entirely normal for you to be clueless about a lot of things. However, as months go by, it becomes imperative for you to learn more about them so that you can better manage those few days. Yes, a ‘few days’, that’s how long your menstrual cycle days last.  As long as you don’t experience any imbalance, these menstrual cycle days remain pretty much stable, lasting for 3 to 7 days – only fluctuating by a day or two vs your previous dates.

For most women, their menstrual cycle is quite regular – it comes approximately once every 28 days and lasts for anything between 3 and 7 days. During the initial months, it might have varied from three to six weeks vs the next, been as short as 21 days or could also have gone up to 40 days. There might have been experienced some been irregularity at the start.  Eventually though, your menstrual cycle days become more consistent and settle down to a 3-7 days pattern.

If you do not like to have any surprises and want to be more confident regarding your next menstrual cycle days, create a period calendar for yourself. Simply mark the first date when you get your period and the date when your next period starts. Count the number of days between these two, and you’ll get a tentative timing for your next menstrual cycle. Thus, you can keep track of your next period and be prepared. When your date is getting closer, do carry a CAREFREE® pad in your bag to avoid any panic situations.  CAREFREE® pads come with a compact design and can easily fit into your handbag, thus providing an easy solution for your period-related worries.

So, that’s your guide to menstrual cycle days. Keep a track of your previous dates and just look through your calendar once in a while. That should be enough for you to sail through those days without having that constant nagging worry at the back of your mind!

Is an 8-Day Period Normal?

Question: I got my first period 8 days ago and I've still got it on and off! It's been a really long time and I'm wondering if the length and on and off thing is normal?

Dr. Farah Kroman: Periods usually last about 4-6 days but for some people they can be longer or shorter which is still entirely normal. Is your period usually 8 days? If not, see your GP if it persists beyond 10 days or if it’s really long again next cycle.

How Often Should I Get My Period?

Question: I've started my period at the end of 2012 and I have recently had sexual intercourse. How often should my period occur? Does cold or hot weather affect periods? My period still hasn't come and it has been 4 days, should I be worried? Also, how long does my period take before it comes each month? Like how many days does it take before I get my next period? They have usually been irregular but i'm quite curious and nervous

Dr. Farah Kroman: Start recording the starting date of your periods and look for a pattern - count the days between the starting dates of your periods. Either use your diary or try one of the free phone apps for period tracking. Periods are often irregular for the first year or so, then they settle into a predictable routine of arriving every 28 days or so. Every body is a little different so there can be some variation in this and for some girls, irregular is normal. Having sex in itself does not alter when you should expect your period, unless you became pregnant, then you would expect no period until after the pregnancy. To know one way or the other, buy a pregnancy test kit form the supermarket or pharmacy or see your GP. Always use protection during sex to protect from pregnancy and STIs.

Question: My first period only came a few months ago and its really infrequent is has not come for 2 months and i was wondering if that's normal or if that means i might have an infection? Thanks for your help Emily

Dr. Farah Kroman:The average gap between the start of each period is 28 days but this can vary a lot between girls and between months. Don't panic, periods are usually irregular for the first year or so. Make sure you note the start dates on your calendar. There are a couple of (free) phone apps to track periods you might like to try.

Question: I am on the pill and have been skipping my period of a long time now. Two weeks ago my period came a week early while I was on the active pills and then after that I skipped the white pills and I continued to bleed brown blood for two weeks after. Now I'm bleeding red blood again. What is happening to me!!!?

Dr. Farah Kroman: Although it is completely safe to skip your periods on the pill, sometimes if you skip too many in a row, you can have 'breakthrough bleeding'. See your GP for advice and to make sure there is no other cause of your bleeding. In the future, just skip 3 periods in a row then allow yourself to have one to 'clean you out.'

Long Period While On the Pill

Question: Hi, I am currently on the pill, and a few weeks ago i got my period and took the pill ( the yellow ones) while i was on my period to try and stop it. Its been a few weeks and i still have my period... (i am still taking the pill) Im not sure whats going on...Thanks :)

Dr. Farah Kroman: I suggest you stop taking the pill until you have one normal cycle. If your bleeding continues when you are off the pill for more than 1 week, see your GP. Once you have had a normal period, you can restart the pill in the coloured section of your packet with the first day of your next period. Starting the pill can be quite confusing so see your GP if you have more questions.