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When to change pads

How Often Should I Change My Pad?

A sanitary pad is meant to absorb blood, vaginal mucus and other materials that your body discards during periods. This may give you an idea of how hygienic or unhygienic it could be if you aren’t able to change your pad for long! Yes, you are on the right track if you think a sanitary pad needs to be changed frequently. However, how often to change pads during your periods cannot have a standard answer that is applicable to every woman. Like most things, it actually depends on a number of factors. Just so you know, it may seem like you bleed a lot during your period, but most girls normally lose between 7 and 10 teaspoons of blood during a typical menstrual cycle, which really isn’t a lot. However, if you normally have medium to low flow or are not bleeding much during a particular menstrual cycle, it does not mean that you can skip changing your pad for the entire day! You need to know how often you should change a sanitary pad and stick to a fairly stable routine. How often should you change your pad during your period?

You may change your pad every 4 hours as the flow stabilises. However, this may not be sufficient at the start of your period when you bleed more heavily. At this time, you may have to change your pad every 2-3 hours. As mentioned before, however, there is no fixed answer that will be true for every woman. Keep track of your flow for the initial few months and that could help you understand when to change a pad and what works best for you. One tip from CAREFREE® that will always come in handy is to carry an extra pad in your bag at all times so that there are no surprises!

Changing your pad on a regular basis is extremely important to ensure good hygiene and avoid vaginal odour which can be uncomfortable. It will also leave you feeling clean and fresh throughout the day! With a wide range of CAREFREE® sanitary pads that are designed to keep you dry and comfortable, you will never have to worry about periods ever again!