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Heavy periods with blood clots

Heavy Periods

Heavy Periods With Blood Clots
What Are Considered Heavy Vs Regular Periods

Heavy periods with blood clots

If you’re having heavy periods with clots, chances are it’s normal for you and your heavy flow. Plenty of women see clots in their menstrual blood from time to time. These clots can range from bright red or dark in colour and will usually be spotted on your heaviest days of bleeding. So why do you get heavy periods with clots? Well, your body releases something called anticoagulants that keep menstrual blood from clotting. But when your period is heavy and your blood is being released quickly, there's not enough time for these anticoagulants to take effect, which is why you may experience heavy periods and clotting together. If you are worried about your clots be sure to see your doctor so they can put your mind at rest.

What Are Considered Heavy vs Regular Periods

Question: I was wondering how do you know if your period is heavy or moderate because i really dont know if i should show my mother. shes asked and i tell her im not suer how to tell please help

Dr. Farah Kroman: If you need to change your regular pad or tampon more often than every 3-4 hours because it's full, then that would be a heavy flow. If so, you'll need to ask your mum to buy super pads/tampons for those heavy flow times. Then go back to regular when the period flow backs off a bit.

How Heavy Is Normal Menstrual Bleeding?

The duration and strength of menstruation varies from girl to girl and from woman to woman. Young girls whose period have just begun, for example, may have heavier periods than adult women.

Additionally, for many women, special events such as stress or travel, as well as hormonal contraceptive methods or a contraceptive IUD, can affect the strength of their periods. However, to give you a rough idea, on average about 40-60 ml of menstrual fluid is excreted during each period.