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How to use a pad

What Is A Pad and How Do I Use It?

You are first introduced to the concept of “periods” during puberty. This is the age when you (like almost every other girl) are likely to start menstruating, and a basic understanding about the what’s and how’s of periods can certainly come in handy at this juncture. Perhaps this is also the first time you’ll hear the words “sanitary pads” or “sanitary napkins” that you will need on a monthly basis from now on. During this time, a fairly obvious question is - what is a sanitary pad?

It’s a strange term, but a “sanitary napkin” or “sanitary pad” just means an absorbent pad that you wear on your undies during your period in order to absorb menstrual blood. Depending on your menstrual flow and preference, you need to choose a sanitary pad of appropriate thickness, length and absorbency. Don’t worry, after the first few times of trying to understand your body’s response to periods, you will eventually settle on a sanitary napkin that suits your needs best. However, another question that pops up at this point is - how to use sanitary pads?

Using a sanitary pad is actually pretty easy. Here are a few basic steps on how to wear a sanitary pad:

  1. Wash and dry your hands with soap and water.
  2. Remove the pad from the wrapper.
  3. Peel off the long piece of paper that covers the sticky back of the pad.
  4. Place the pad sticky side down to cover the crotch panel of your undies — the area that goes between your legs. Be sure not to put it too far to the front or back.
  5. Peel the wrapper off the wings and wrap them around the underside of your undies.
  6. Dispose of the pad after it has become saturated. Pull it off your undies and roll it up like a sleeping bag in the wrapper from your fresh pad before disposing of it in the bin. Never flush a pad down the toilet.
  7. Wash your hands.

Now that the part on how to use pad during periods is clear, here is a word of caution! For your comfort and to avoid odour, one thing you need to do is change your pad every few hours. This is very important considering that the blood, vaginal mucus and other impurities that your body is throwing out should not be in contact with your skin for too long! Hence, changing your pad every 4-5 hours is considered ideal.

As a young girl who has just started with her periods, it can certainly be a stressful time. This guide from CAREFREE® is meant to walk you through these days and help you select and use a sanitary pad without any hassle or worry. With answers to some of the most common questions such as how to use pads during periods, we hope to make this crucial part of growing up easier and stress-free for you! With CAREFREE® , take on each day as a new adventure, any time of the month!