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What are Liners and How to Use Them

How To Use A Liner?
Using Liners For Sweat
How To Use Liners For Your Period
Using Liners For Discharge
Using Liners Everyday
When To Wear Liners

Sanitary pads are a blessing for women around the world! Taking care of periods every month for almost a week is no easy task, and sanitary napkins, along with other aids such as tampons and menstrual cups have certainly made those menstrual cycles much more manageable. However, what about the days before periods, when you’re faced with spotting and white discharge? Sanitary pads aren’t the best solution to deal with these, and hence it’s panty liners that come to your rescue!

Liners (also known as panty liners) are like a spare pair of undies that can be changed any time of the day. Liners for periods are meant to be used in between periods to absorb discharge that’s naturally released from the vagina, to leave you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. They also serve as a “backup” in your undies until you’re completely comfortable using a tampon all by itself.


  1. Using a panty liner is as simple as using a pad.
  2. Wash and dry your hands with soap and water.
  3. Remove the liner from the wrapper.
  4. Peel off the long piece of paper that covers the sticky back of the liner.
  5. Place the liner sticky side down to cover the crotch panel of your undies — the area that goes between your legs. Be sure not to put it too far to the front or back.
  6. Dispose of the liner after it has become saturated. Pull it off your undies and roll it up like a sleeping bag in the wrapper from your fresh liner before disposing of it in the bin. Never flush a liner down the toilet.
  7. Wash your hands.

Also, just like a sanitary pad, you may want to change your panty liner every 4 hours to feel fresh and comfortable.

CAREFREE® Liners are a great way to keep your undies feeling fresh and dry every day. So, the next time that white discharge or spotting make your days dull and gloomy, grab a liner and use them to sail through your days feeling active and energetic!

Sweat, Without Sweating It

Sweating is a normal part of life. We get it. But sometimes, feeling sweaty can just make you feel really uncomfortable. And while polyester fabrics and faux leathers may look good, they’re not doing our body temperature any favours.

That’s why we have deodorant, moisture-wicking fabrics, loose fitting clothes—and yes, liners.

Certain panty liners, like CAREFREE® Acti-Fresh and CAREFREE® Breathable, have a breathable backing that allows air to circulate so you maintain that fresh underwear feel, just like active-wear fabrics.

Starting every day with one of these liners gives you a better chance of feeling comfortable and confident—much better than you’d feel wearing a sweaty pair of panties.

Change your liner whenever you need it during the day, and see how much drier and fresher you and your undies feel—even on the most blazing hot days.


When you feel those PMS symptoms (Why am I so cranky? Hide the snacks!), you know what’s coming. Chances are, you check your calendar, and make sure you’ve got the products you need for the next few days of your period. Right?

Every woman has a different cycle, and may use different products on different days.

Pre-period days
Do your periods sometimes start off a little spotty—or maybe earlier than you expect? Certain CAREFREE® liners, like our Original liner, are great as a front-line defence in the days leading up to your period.

Period days
Maybe you prefer tampons, maybe you prefer pads. If pads are your thing, go for it. But if you prefer tampons, know that a liner is a tampon’s wingman—always there for backup. Stay prepared!

The last days
Maybe your period ends on a slow note…and you really don’t need more than light undie protection at the end of your cycle. Try using CAREFREE® Original liners. They give you just enough protection, and keep you feeling clean and fresh


We’ve all been there. A little panty discharge at the end of the day that then becomes a discoloration you can’t seem to get out of your favourite panties.

Super common – women’s things – and totally natural! But there also happen to be some pretty easy fixes. Here’s how:

Learn some laundry tricks
If you have the time, rinse undies right after wearing them. You can do this in the shower or the sink—whatever’s easiest for you—then air-dry them and toss into the hamper for a proper wash later.

If you’re on more of a dress-and-dash schedule, buy an enzymatic laundry spray or stain stick, and apply a little to the problem undie spot right before tossing them into the hamper.

Use daily undie protection
Liners are clutch players in the clean-undie game. Choose a breathable liner like CAREFREE® Breathable, or Original—including those designed for G-Strings like CAREFREE® BARELEY THERE®—and slip one on when you get dressed in the morning. Keep a package right in your underwear drawer, and change it whenever you need it during the day. Your undies will never know what (didn’t) hit them.

Everyday Ready

Think about your morning routine. It covers all the feel-good, look-good bases, right? Adding daily liners to the mix keeps that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower feeling going even longer.

  • Liners make you feel more put-together—the same way makeup does.
  • They give you a fresh —like what you feel after you brush your teeth.
  • Liners help you feel prepared for anything—kind of like deodorant does.
  • They give you a layer of invisible comfort and undie protection—like moisturiser comforts and protects your skin.
  • Liners help you put your best foot forward—like wearing your sexiest underwear under your clothes (even if you don’t have a date).

And a quick refresh whenever you need it changing your liner during the day just as you’d re-apply scent or touch up your mascara.

When To Wear Liners

Slip daily panty liners into your routine for on-call, all-day freshness—no matter what day it is.

  • During your period

    CAREFREE<sup>®</sup> <a href="/products/liners/original">Original liners</a> are your tampon’s wingman. They help you feel confident even on heavy-flow days.</li>

  • Before- and after-period days

    On days when you don’t necessarily need a tampon or pad, liners keep you fresh from “here it comes” to “is it over yet?”

  • Everyday fresh days

    CAREFREE<sup>®</sup> <a href="/products/liners/barely-there">BARELY THERE<sup>®</sup></a> and <a href="/products/liners/original">Original liners</a> are all about invisible confidence and freshness every day.

  • Tiny-panty days

    Make <a href="/products/liners/barely-there-g-string">CAREFREE<sup>®</sup> BARELEY THERE<sup>®</sup> G-String</a> liners your go to. It’s so light and flexible, you can barely feel it… not even in a g-string. For real.

  • Out-all-nighters

    Getting ready for a night out? Slip in a fresh CAREFREE<sup>®</sup> <a href="/products/liners/original">Original</a>, <a href="/products/liners/acti-fresh-oxygen">Acti-Fresh</a>, <a href="/products/liners/breathable">Breathable</a>, or <a href="/products/liners/barely-there">BARELY THERE<sup>®</sup></a> liner and you’ll feel ready for any adventure.

  • Leak-when-I-sneeze moments

    It happens! And when it does, extra protection from <a href="/products/liners/original-long">CAREFREE<sup>®</sup> Original Long liner</a> can boost your confidence and femininity —keeping whatever situation under control, in a comfortable and discreet way.

  • Any other extra protection need moments

    For any extra protection moments in life, like pregnancy or postpartum, liners are a discreet and comfortable partner while you work on those Kegels. If your doctor recommends them, your undies and you will be kept feeling fresh, dry and fabulous.