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My Second Period Came Late

Cycle Fluctuations & Intermenstrual Bleeding

Your Period Changes

It is quite natural that your menstrual flow changes due to fluctuating hormone levels. In fact, there are many factors that influence how light or heavy your period is.There may also be irregularities during the cycle, for example, spotting between periods or particularly heavy bleeding. Find out what exactly can influence the strength of your period and which Carefree® solution best suits your changing needs.

  • Fluctuations of the period
  • Intermenstrual bleeding
  • Heavy menstruation (menorrhagia)
  • Period when using the pill or IUD
  • After childbirth and during menopause

Fluctuations During Your Period

It is perfectly normal for your menstrual flow to change during your period. Many women experience heavier bleeding during the first few days of their period and lighter bleeding towards the end of their period. The length of the menstrual cycle can also be affected by this. Carefree® offers different tampon absorbencies and variants that are adapted to your changing needs during your menstrual period.

Intermenstrual Bleeding

Intermenstrual bleeding can occur in addition to the "normal" menstrual bleeding. Sometimes this is only light bleeding, called spotting, but you may also experience heavier additional bleeding.

Intermenstrual bleeding is often harmless. It can be caused by many things including stress or strict diets or simply due to the so-called ovulation bleeding at the time of ovulation.

In young girls, they can also occur if the cycle has not yet fully established itself after the first period. They can also occur during menopause (climacteric) before the final menstrual period. However, intermenstrual bleeding may sometimes indicate serious diseases. So if you suffer from frequent intermenstrual bleeding, you should see your doctor.

Intermenstrual bleeding is often not very heavy. In order to feel fresh and to protect your clothes panty liners can be a good solution for lighter bleeding in between periods.

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (Menorrhagia)

Heavy bleeding is often accompanied by a particularly long menstruation. This is known medically as menorrhagia. If your period is heavy but of normal length, this is called hypermenorrhoea. A menorrhagia is usually indicated if a woman loses more than 80 millilitres of blood during her period, instead of the normal 40-60 mL, or when her period lasts for more than seven days.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 20 percent of all women worldwide are affected by menorrhagia. The heavy blood loss during menstruation can be very unpleasant and negatively affect everyday life. Due to the high blood loss, many women suffer from fatigue, circulatory problems, anaemia and iron deficiency (iron deficiency anaemia).

Heavy bleeding during your period can have various causes. Please consult your doctor about your heavy and prolonged periods.

In cases of very heavy bleeding, tampons with the greatest absorbency, such as Carefree® Original Super, Carefree® ProComfort Super or Carefree® Flexia® Super Comfort are suitable as protection.

Your Period When Using The Pill Or Wearing An IUD

The intensity of your menstrual cycle can also be changed by different contraceptive methods. For example, if you take the pill, you will usually have a lighter bleeding. The contraceptive pill influences the normal development and maturation of the egg cells and prevents ovulation. As a result, the lining of the womb also becomes less thick and menstruation is much lighter.

For lighter bleeding, you may prefer a tampon that is easy to insert and remove. Carefree® ProComfort® tampons guarantee an easy, pleasant use even on lighter days, thanks to their unique SilkTouch® surface.

Other contraceptive methods, such as an IUD, can also change your period and cause cycle fluctuations. For example, women who wear an IUD often have longer and heavier periods - the cycle is not as regular. With a hormone IUD on the other hand the opposite is true. The menstrual period usually becomes lighter or can even stop altogether.

After Giving Birth And During The Menopause

The strength of your period also changes with each new chapter of your life. When your period starts again after giving birth, many women find that their bleeding is heavier and lasts longer or that their usual tampon is no longer sitting properly. Bleeding can also become heavier during your menopause (menopause).

Carefree® Flexia® gives you additional protection. The unique Softfold® wings unfold very gently and help to catch liquid that can run past ordinary tampons. Furthermore, Carefree®Flexia® Softfold® wings gently adapts to the individual shape of your vagina to prevent slipping.