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Should I wear pads for a discharge?

Should I Wear Pads for a Discharge?

Question: I'm 18 and since I was 14 I've had discharge every day (when I don't have my period). Meaning I've had to wear pads everyday! I really hate this and can't seem to tell my mum! Is there something wrong with me? Anything that could help, is it going to go away? Thankyou

Dr. Farah Kroman: Vaginal discharge is normal and is there to keep you healthy. It prevents infection and lubricates. Some girls have more than others. Pads are designed to absorb quite a bit of blood flow. Instead, try using a breathable liner changed every few hours. This should be enough to keep you feeling fresh and will allow a lot more air to circulate. However, if your discharge is really heavy and you are getting it every day, perhaps you should see your Dr for a check-up.